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TechniCom Group LLC (TechniCom), a leading market research and consulting firm founded in 1989, focuses on the forces and dynamics surrounding the mechanical engineering design and manufacturing marketplace.

Our analysts and consultants are experts on the capabilities of mechanical CAD/CAM/PLM systems and how to put them to productive use.


Raymond Kurland - President of the firm, editor and general manager, Ray specializes in understanding the competitive positioning of companies and products in the Mechanical Engineering software industry. He has Engineering Degrees from Rutgers University and New York University. He leads our consulting programs. Ray designed, built and programmed computer systems with Bell Telephones Labs, managed large international accounts for IBM, and led North American marketing in the early days for Dassault Systemes. For the last decade, for TechniCom Group, he has consulted with nearly all of the large mechanical engineering software companies as well as many of their largest users.

Ray has published many articles and papers about the industry. He invented the term "variable driven modeling," which describes many of today's modern mechanical CAD/CAM systems. See Ray's Blog